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An orientation program was held for the 6th batch of students entering the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 at IUB’s Baridhara Campus.  The orientation was conducted by the Pro Vice Chancellor of IUB and the Director of the MPH Program, Prof M Omar Rahman, who welcomed the new students at the outset and pointed out that they had entered a program which holds itself to high international standards.  He mentioned that the University now offers a weekend MPH Program for students who are also working professionals.  He also mentioned that IUB will now recruit students during both the September and January sessions.  Among others, the Registrar of the University, Dr. Tanvir A. Khan, Professor Haroun Er Rashid, the Director of the School of Environmental Science and Management, and Professor Nazrul Islam, the Director of the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, spoke on the occasion.  The Associate Director of The Centre for Health, Population and Development, Dr. Rita Yusuf, as well as other MPH faculty members, also welcomed the new students.

IUB’s MPH Program is dedicated to developing analytical, creative and managerial skills in students and preparing them to use their public health knowledge within a larger socio-economic and cultural context. The program is modeled after similar programs at The Harvard School of Public Health, USA, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA, The School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, USA and The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.  The MPH faculty members who teach and guide students with their research at IUB are all distinguished individuals with post-graduate degrees, mostly Ph.D’s, from renowned international universities.  Graduates of the IUB MPH Program have in the past gained, and continue to gain, distinction as qualified professional health managers and analysts in a range of different settings within the public sector, NGOs, and UN organizations inside the country as well as abroad.

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The Department of Modern Languages is the university’s cultural crossroads, an important center of world language acquisition and education in world cultures and literature. The department offers a complete series of courses in French and Bengali. The diverse course offerings embrace all aspects of language, literature, and culture: reading, conversation, composition, language for business purposes, phonetics, stylistics, dramatic performance, film and the opportunity for independent study. Knowledge of modern languages is intellectually satisfying as well as materially beneficial in today’s accessible world where more so than ever before, the acquisition of languages and cultural literacy is especially pertinent. As a graduate you will have a range of opportunities in following a career path in interpreting, translation studies, the diplomatic service, international management consultancy, the travel industry and teaching.

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Communication is the soul of all human activities. A communicator has to be focused, creative and productive. The Department prepares communication experts who are not only ingenious but exceptional.

We offer a four year undergraduate program in Media and Communication leading to a Bachelor of Social Science degree and a minor program in Media and Communication with a range of interdisciplinary areas such as Journalism, Film-Video and TV Production, Advertising and Development Communication. The curricula is designed to provide you with technical skills, aesthetic sensitivity and creativity and give you a thorough understanding of the contemporary world.

The Department maintains strong academic linkages with the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (MCMA) of the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC) and Hemline University, USA, alongside other universities in the UK the SIUC has already evaluated the courses and approved credit transfer protocols.

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The department of English, under the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), was born with the idea of qualitative practices targeted to help students broaden their minds and grow as complete individuals. The department offers a four year undergraduate programme in English Literature as well as in English Language Teaching (ELT).  Linguistics is integrated into it.


English is a versatile and expanding discipline that has evolved over the years often through interaction with other fields such as comparative literature, drama, and more recently, with linguistics and English language teaching. The degree in Literature at IUB, carefully tailored to the student’s’ varied interests exposes students to a variety of texts in English Literature as well as developing expertise in the analysis and evaluation of English prose and poetry.  The ELT programme is valuable for those who would like to have specialized training in teaching English language skills to Bangla speakers. The Department of English prides itself not only on the range and diversity of the courses it offers, but also on the diversity of the approaches it employs, from contemporary theory to close textual examination. Teaching methods very often incorporate seminars and workshops, and your time is equally divided between a series of workshops and lectures. Graduates may also opt to go on for higher studies for which the intensive course will have prepared them adequately.


People often suppose that teaching is the most common choice for graduates in English, but this is only one of the many careers you may pursue. Graduates in English take up careers in law, accountancy, marketing, advertising, radio and television, banking, publishing, hotel management, local government, journalism, non-government organisations, insurance, retailing and arts administration. The department also fosters the Debating Club, The Book Club and the IUB Literary Society which further present you with opportunities to develop your intellectual faculty.  Therefore, as a graduate you will possess skills in written and spoken communication, independent thought and judgment as well as critical thinking and research, all of which are highly valued by employers.

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Date Credit Earned till Summer 2010 Time
Add/Drop Sunday, 22nd August 2010 0 – 50 Credit Hours 9.30am – 2.45pm
Monday, 23rd August 2010 51 and above Credit Hours 9.30am – 2.45pm
Late Registration Tuesday, 24th August 2010 9.30am – 2.45pm

If you want to explore the dimensions of contemporary life then be a part of SLASS. The School follows a broad based liberal arts curriculum and offers a variety of disciplines through four specialized departments.

In addition to offering 4 major programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree and 3 minor programs, the SLASS offers a Master of Social Science in Development Studies under the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. Currently the Department of Media and Communication is offering postgraduate programme titled MSS in Media & Communication. It also provides an integral component of IUB‘s academic offerings, the Foundation Courses for the undergraduates, tailored to enhance critical thinking and essential skills.

The creative and challenging environment at SLASS gives you an opportunity to discover your forte. You can choose to become a communication expert, a master of language, a journalist, a creative writer, a teacher, an anthropologist, a sociologist, an entrepreneur or  go on to pursue advance studies.  Let our extraordinary faculty at SLASS prepare you to be an extraordinary professional and a dynamic member of the global community.

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Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) organized an orientation programme on Saturday, 14 August 2010 at its permanent campus at Bashundhara for the newly admitted students of the Autumn 2010 semester.

In his acquaintance speech Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Omar Rahman spoke on the distinctive nature of IUB education which places importance of professional education on the foundation of cross-disciplinary liberal arts curricula. Prof Bazlul Mobin Chowdhury, Vice Chancellor of IUB heartily welcomed the new students and thanked them for choosing IUB for changing and shaping their future and called upon them to utilize the time to come out as the best professionals in their fields as well as a better human being. He assured the students that IUB would do everything for ensuring their dreams come true.

The programme also included excellent multi-media presentation on the University and its study programmes, future prospects and the facilities available for the students at the schools, computer labs and laboratories and described the on-going academic activities of the University by the School of Business (SB), School of Engineering & Computer Science (SECS), School of Environmental Science & Management (SESM) and School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (SLASS). Ms Lima Choudhury, Sr Asst Director, Undergraduate Admissions, conducted the ceremony.

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